Dust Plugs & Caps

Dust Caps and Plugs for most Series in either PVC, flip-top, steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Dust Caps and Plugs protect the couplings and valves from ingress of dirt and contaminents.

Parking Stations

Parking Stations for a range of Series including screw and push connect types, constructed from trivalent plated carbon steel. Parking Stations are used to safely secure one half of the coupling when not connected.

Seal Kits

Seal Kits in a range of materials including Viton, Nitrile and Kalrez, dependant on Series. The Seal Kits enable the user to replace existing seals, increasing the lifespan of the coupling.

Repair Kits

Repair Kits for the HSC Series. These kits enable all components within the HSC Series to be replaced, increasing the coupling lifespan. The Repair Kits include replacement poppets, springs, seals and collets. Appropriate tools are also provided to fit the replacement parts. See the Holmbury website for instructional videos on replacing parts.

Mounting Flanges

Mounting Flanges for the WSC Series in carbon steel. The flanges are either made from machined or pressed steel, dependant on body size. Designed for mounting the male half onto bulkheads.

Valve Handles

Valve Handles for a range of Ball Valve Series and sizes. Valve Handles are used as a replacement, or for applications where a handle is not originally provided.

Valve Locking Kits

Valve Locking Kits for a range of Ball Valve Series and sizes. These are used to lock the handle in a set position so that it cannot be tampered with. Ideal for use on sensitive systems.

For more information please refer to the data sheet via the below link.

 Data Sheet